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Teaching and Working with Marginalized Communities with Ann Rosen

Image of Teaching and Working with Marginalized Communities with Ann Rosen


Teaching and Working with Marginalized Communities
Ann Rosen
July 6-10, 2020, M-F 8:30-5:30

Workshop cost is $600, $575 for VSW Members.

In this online workshop you will develop your abilities, skills, and knowledge of working with societally marginalized communities on creative projects. Ann Rosen has photographed and taught photography to women who have been formerly homeless, living in shelters or temporary permanent housing for several years. Creativity has been proven to be an effective way to benefit those who have been marginalized due to their gender, citizenship status, economic status, or a physical or mental disability (as defined by society). For this class, students will view PowerPoint presentations describing Rosen’s classes as well as video footage of an actual class. Together they will look at the artworks, stories and books created by these marginalized women. Inspired by these works, students will make photographs, artworks and books reflecting their own private lives. Thus, they will replicate the work done by those participating in the shelter classes to prepare for leading a workshop of their own.

Ann Rosen received her MFA from VSW and has worked as a photographer and teacher ever since. Her most recent project, Being Seen, is portraits of women living in shelter and will be shown at Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY in June 2020. Her portrait project, In the Presence of Family: Brooklyn Portraits, chronicles family diversity, was recently shown in St. Louis and published in 2009 and 2019. Both her photographs and books are represented in numerous permanent collections including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY; the Museum of Modern Art Library, NYC; the Brooklyn Collection, the Albright-Knox Gallery and Library, Buffalo, NY; Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY.