Carrier Pigeon Volume II, Issue 4


Carrier Pigeon is an artist run Magazine of Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art

Writing by Dennis Must, Allegra Frazier, Ronald Dunn, Ryan Scamehorn, Nick Kolakowski, and Julie Pinsonneault.

Illustration by Young Heller, Keren Katz, Kirsten Flaherty, Rie Hasegawa, Rachel Pontious, and Kristy Caldwell.

Portfolios of Michael Goro, John S. Hancock, Jason Jagel, Moira McCaul, Lucas Almeida, and Swoon.

Each copy of Carrier Pigeon Vol. II issue 4 includes a unique die-cut design, which opens to an original etching by Bruce Waldman, for a total edition of 1,000. The back cover of the issue folds out to a sound sculpture by Chris Dunnett from the artist’s ongoing series “Transmutation,” and inside the issue is a four-color letterpress work, "Death Letter," with six hand stamps, by Phil Sanders.

2013, 128 pages, 10"x13", color, die cut cover, sound sculpture, etching, letterpress insert. Retail edition of 1000.